Monday, April 26, 2010

This Summer Is Gonna Be Sexy

At last, Im free.
Today, after completing my last exam of the semester, my summer officially started.

How did I celebrate?
Indulging in excessive amounts of food and drink
@ my favourite Mexican restaurant, Little Mexico Cantina
soooo yum.
After this satisfying act of gluttony, I felt an enormous amount of guilt... (FAT)

Lately, while preparing for exams at school , I have eaten out everyday.
Additionally, I always have an unlimited supply of snacks by me as I study.

Now, with exams over and the summer heat fast approaching,
I can no longer conceal my blubber in over-sized sweaters and sweatpants.
Therefore, starting today, I am initiating...


To tone my body (define muscles) and improve my health.

At least 1 hr/day, 5x/week (30min cardio, crunches, & light weights)
I plan to factor in some Bikram Yoga or Martial Arts.

Diet (first 2weeks):
Dairy, carbs high in sugars and starch, processed foods, soda, alchohol, eating after 8pm.
Complex carbs (whole grains), protein (lean meat and eggs), most vegetables, low sugar fruits , nuts and beans.

Goal for the summer: Get this bikini ... and the bod (minus the tits) to go along with it.

Here a few more sexy summer plans to accomplish:
  • First tattoo
  • New hair cut & colour
  • Bungee jump... aaaaah!
  • Soak up lotsa vitamin D... (ie. get my TAN on)
  • Escape to a sunny destination to proudly flaunt my successful SUFSS bod.
  • Blog more frequent :-)

Tell me,
What are your sexy summer plans?

Jess Mai

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's About Time

that I...  

 own a timepiece
[& update my blog]

(since my last watch broke 2+ yrs ago...RIP)
For years...
 I have survived in society,  almost on time, without a watch on my wrist.

Who needs a watch?
I have always relied on my mobile, my laptop, public clocks, and strangers for the time.

Hopefully, Ill be more punctual with the help of my new purchase... 
[hahaa what a joke!]
In any case, I still like it for looks :)

Here it be:
Gucci 1500 Stainless Steel

I adore that it is ultra slim & sleek.
I also love that it is a bangle bracelet, as oppose to the conventional link bracelet.
Very sophisticated, and  perfect for work & play.

I still catch myself reaching for my mobile for the time.
I need to remember to look at my wrist.
It will take time :)

In other news, 

I was very happy to receive concerned e-mails asking where/why I have vanished.

My 2yr relationship with the BF  has recently ended.
It has been extremely difficult. 
He was my best friend before and during our relationship.
At the moment, the hardest part is getting used to life without him...
(stop myself from calling or texting the dude)

Also, I'm trying to focus on completing my finals. (major emphasis on TRYING)
I will be back to regular blogging soon :)

Thankyou for your concern and support, Blog Buddies!

Here is what I have been doing lately...
thats all.

I always gain lbs during finals...
Operation summer beach body after this week :(

Tell me, 
Is it possible to stay friends with your ex?

Jess Mai.

Friday, April 9, 2010




Well... Not yet.
I'm still a tattoo virgin.
However, I've always had a thing for tattoos.

Lately, I have become obsessed,
&  grew an urge to get inked right NEOW!

So, what is keeping me from inserting a needle into layers of my skin?

  •  Think before you ink!
I want something I wont regret 30 years from now.
Before accepting the needle, I must ask myself...
 Will I still want this on my body when my skin is all wrinkly?
Tattoos are for life, so if I get a tattoo, I must choose wisely.
  • The permanence of a tattoo scare the pants off of me!
Remember how indecisive I am?
However, the image I have chosen for my first tattoo is definitely something I will never regret .
As a result, any doubts are slowly diminishing. 
I plan to let the idea float in my head for some time before making it permanent.

I'm gonna do more research and hopefully meet with a tattoo artist soon.
Once I have a sketch, 
I'll blog it. 

I leave you with one of my favourite inked men.

{photo via google images}

Tell me,
Do you have/want any tattoos? 
If so, do they have any meaning to you?

Jessica Mai.

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