Monday, January 11, 2010

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Helloo? Anybody out there?
How do i begin?

I have been sitting here, for the past 20 minutes. I have been typing, deleting, re-typing, and deleting, an introduction to my first blog post.

21 minutes later, and I have yet to come up with something I am satisfied with.

For this reason, I will just get right into it and simply list a few facts about little ol' me.

First off, Although I am a newbie at the act of blogging, the "blogging world" is far from foreign to me. For years, I have been following and reading blogs. Finally, in 2010, as a new year resolution and adventure, I have gathered the guts to start a blog of my own. :)


  • My name is Jessica Mai and I was Born and raised in Beautiful B.C.
  • Vietnamese Canadian (fluent in Viet)
  • (proud) Book worm !!!!
  • Fashion and Beauty addict.. its a sickness
  • I wish I was taller. I think some people dont take me seriously, due to my height.
  • I am shy when I meet new people, but once I know you, and we are friends, you are basically family.
  • Celebrity gossip is my guilty addiction.
  • I am extremely sensitive to smell and I cant stand strong fragrances or stink.
  • I hate fighting.
  • I Looove my mama's cooking. mmm
  • I can eat ALOT.
  • I am very indecisive because I am always afraid of making the wrong choice.
  • I am terrified of growing up.
  • I have never been to NYC, but I think I would love it.(Esp. if I lived Carrie Bradshaw's life)
  • I LOVE laughing. :D
  • I prefer yam fries over potato fries.
  • Travelling is my favourite.
  • I hate public transport. Unfortunately, I depend on it everyday. :'(
  • I procrastinate too much.
  • My vision sucks.
  • My dad is my hero.
  • I am very blessed because I have sooo many amazing people in my life..
So there you have it folks!

A sliver of me. You will soon learn more, as I pour my [cold,little, black] heart out, on this blog. This Blog is me. This is who i am. Here, I will express my emotions, thoughts, views, opinions, and truths about anything and everything thats on my mind.

:D stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Aww poor baby, I hope you find a strap replacement soon! That sucks. :(

As for facts about lil ol' you... we have some things in common!

I'm a fashion and beauty addict. I wish I was taller. 5'2? Doesn't cut it. I love celeb gossip, but sometimes I'm too lazy to read it. I can eat a LOT. We should eat together. We'd rack up the bill, clean out the kitchen. I suck at making decisions, I'm super indecisive. Hey, can't choose what to eat? Let's just eat everything! I'm also terrified of growing up. I don't think I know how to. I procrastinate, but I'm working on it. My vision sucks.

I'm sure the list goes on. :O)


MaiPhilosophy said...

O Yes indeed! We certainly do have many things in common.

Those must be the traits of every great and successful girl!
Yes? Maybe?? haha


Anonymous said...

im a shortie too and trust me i get what your saying just stand your ground but i love my height i think petite gurls are super cute

Clarissa said...

wow im hooked... loving your blog and im your new follower as well. :)

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