Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's About Time

that I...  

 own a timepiece
[& update my blog]

(since my last watch broke 2+ yrs ago...RIP)
For years...
 I have survived in society,  almost on time, without a watch on my wrist.

Who needs a watch?
I have always relied on my mobile, my laptop, public clocks, and strangers for the time.

Hopefully, Ill be more punctual with the help of my new purchase... 
[hahaa what a joke!]
In any case, I still like it for looks :)

Here it be:
Gucci 1500 Stainless Steel

I adore that it is ultra slim & sleek.
I also love that it is a bangle bracelet, as oppose to the conventional link bracelet.
Very sophisticated, and  perfect for work & play.

I still catch myself reaching for my mobile for the time.
I need to remember to look at my wrist.
It will take time :)

In other news, 

I was very happy to receive concerned e-mails asking where/why I have vanished.

My 2yr relationship with the BF  has recently ended.
It has been extremely difficult. 
He was my best friend before and during our relationship.
At the moment, the hardest part is getting used to life without him...
(stop myself from calling or texting the dude)

Also, I'm trying to focus on completing my finals. (major emphasis on TRYING)
I will be back to regular blogging soon :)

Thankyou for your concern and support, Blog Buddies!

Here is what I have been doing lately...
thats all.

I always gain lbs during finals...
Operation summer beach body after this week :(

Tell me, 
Is it possible to stay friends with your ex?

Jess Mai.


e.motion in motion said...

Hey love! Miss your posts! Gorgeous watch! I too have had maybe... 3 watches, but never wore them! Even when I did, I would always look at my phone!

& So sorry to hear about what happened :( My take on it is that your exes are your exes for a reason. But that's just me. I have not stayed friends with any of my exes, mostly because they were all douchebags. Once they're out of my life, I keep them out. In my experiences, the "Can we still be friends?" was always more like "Can we still be FWB?" -_-;

I realize I sound really negative! >_<; ...I know lots of people do still stay friends and it works out for them though. I guess it really depends on the people/situation. If they ended on good terms/it was mutual, I think it's quite possible & a good thing to stay friends. As long as it doesn't lead to getting back together, and leading to the same things that caused the breakup :/ But if they got cheated on/used, I think it's best to just forget about it.

I wish you all the best though, everything happens for a reason... sometimes things fall apart for other things to fall into place : ) Stay strong, babe! -BIGHUGS- <3

Serena said...

Welcome back! It had been a long time since you last blog. Glad to know you're okay.
I've only owned one watch which was a present. The battery on that watched died almost 6 years ago, while I was still in high school. Like what you used to do, I rely on my phone and strangers for the time.
Your new watch is very chic and classy. Looks really pretty.

Sorry to hear about you and your bf. It's tough trying to not contact them the way you used to. It'll get better over time.
You should definitely try to focus on studying for finals. You only get one chance at taking a final.

I personally don't think you can be friends with an ex right away. There's always the issue of jealousy. Even though both individuals may decide to move on, it would probably hurt hearing or seeing the other person dating someone else. Things always get complicated in the beginning. I've tried staying friends with my exes right after we break up, never works out.
I have talked to a few of my exes recently and things are okay but obviously our relationship/ friendship is not the same as it was before. It's been years since we've talked, atleast 5-6. I actually find it awkward because I can't see what I saw in them before.
That's just my opinion and experience.

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon and good luck with studying for your finals. Studying time looks very yummy.

<3 Serena,

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I'm sorry to hear that Jess! :( I know it's hard to imagine a life without someone who's been there for you for so long. :S

I agree with Erynn in that it depends on the nature of the split. I'm friends will all but two of my exes, all because of stupid cheating and backstabbing so I can't see myself being friends with people like that, let alone exes like that. I think it's totally fine to be friends with your exes whom you have no problem with though. My first ex and I split--not on mutual terms--but we're still good friends (though not AS close as before) and he's dating a friend of my sister. I think the hardest thing to deal with when being friends with your exes is finding that line between friendship and more-than-friends, and we had a tough time finding it at first, but now it's great! No awkwardness, no uneasiness at all. :)

We're all here for you, hun. :) If you ever need to talk, shoot me an email or catch me on google talk :)

Haha! I love eating while I study. It goes hand-in-hand, yeah? :P Good luck!!!

RYC: Me toooo!! I've been looking for a sexy pair of studded heels but I haven't found my perfect pair yet. Those heels on ideeli are sooo expensive :S (and sold out). *sigh* And I'm the same, I'm not so good with DIY. haha. Good luck searching! Let me know if you find anything. :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

So sorry to hear about your breakup! I definitely think its possible to stay friends with an ex, but not so soon afterwards. Two years is a long time, so each of you probably need time apart to adjust to the change. I didn't become 'friends' with my ex until over a year afterwards. Hope you stay strong!

PS - love the new sleek watch!

Logan said...

A few things.

1. The watch looks stunning on you. Just beautiful.

2.*hugs* I went through a heartbreak recently of a 5 year on/off thing. I know how you feel. If you EVER need to chat about it or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm thinking of you..hang in there!!! I saw SIdney Crosby out at dinner a few weeks ago...the love of hockey should get us through!!!


anhesty said...

it is possible to be friends with your ex but both parties will have to be ready for it. i would say it can take months or even years before you can be ready to be friends with one another. i am still friends with some of my exes depending on the circumstances. just give it some time so you can reflect on yourself and on being alone. being alone is very refreshing. be strong and do not call or text or even fb, or email. be strong!

Amy said...

hey girly, missed you :)

1. i love the watch! i only own one watch and thats my rolex given to me by my father for my graduation gift. it's the conventional link stainless steel but professional i guess. i would love one like yours where it's simple, classy, stylish, but not a normal watch. :) and GUCCI!

2. i'm very sorry about your break up...breakups are hard and not fun. however, you seem to have so much strength. I don't think exs should be least not right away. Give each other time apart to grow apart and forget about each other in 'romantic' terms and then if it ever is time, you can rekindle a friendship

Anonymous said...

i am sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time. i think a friendship is possible only if you're ready and after a long time. Both sides has to want it. i for one, am not for friendships w/ exes but that's just how i like to keep it. but only think about it after you have a good chunk of time to yourself. take care beautiful and i hope it gets better in time!

giang said...

welcome back, love! that watch is so dainty and looks great! im jealous! hope you're feeling better hugs**

vi said...

beautiful watch! good luck with your finals!

and i think yes, you can be friends with an ex. i think it just takes time.

For The Fierce said...

oh damn... Everything takes time & patience to except & when it's negative I always just think "shit happens". Shit has happened before, I got over it & I'm still alive. I know how hard it is to get used to not being with someone, 'cause your so used to talking to them like every single day, knowing what they're doing, them knowing what you're doing, & all the little things that remind you of that person. But Jessica you are strong <333 I can tell =]

I know you won't get over it today, or 2morro, of hell maybe not for a while, but everything takes time & no pain is forever... member my tat? lol


marti said...

Really beautiful watch!!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and becoming a follower. I really appreciate it. I hope that everything gets better for you soon! You seem like a sweet person so i'm sure things will pick up for you in no time :)

Jenny said...

my relationship just ended as well, and it is tough to stop yourself from doing something you did daily (text/call the boy) esp when you're so used to it and having him around esp.. which makes it that much harder to move on.

with that being said, the way i see it.. the only reason you can stay/become friends with an ex whether its right after or later on in life, is because you were never in love..

in the end, don't ever lose yourself. remain independant and strong. always keep that head held up high. if something is meant to be, it'll fall back into place =) xoxo

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