Monday, April 26, 2010

This Summer Is Gonna Be Sexy

At last, Im free.
Today, after completing my last exam of the semester, my summer officially started.

How did I celebrate?
Indulging in excessive amounts of food and drink
@ my favourite Mexican restaurant, Little Mexico Cantina
soooo yum.
After this satisfying act of gluttony, I felt an enormous amount of guilt... (FAT)

Lately, while preparing for exams at school , I have eaten out everyday.
Additionally, I always have an unlimited supply of snacks by me as I study.

Now, with exams over and the summer heat fast approaching,
I can no longer conceal my blubber in over-sized sweaters and sweatpants.
Therefore, starting today, I am initiating...


To tone my body (define muscles) and improve my health.

At least 1 hr/day, 5x/week (30min cardio, crunches, & light weights)
I plan to factor in some Bikram Yoga or Martial Arts.

Diet (first 2weeks):
Dairy, carbs high in sugars and starch, processed foods, soda, alchohol, eating after 8pm.
Complex carbs (whole grains), protein (lean meat and eggs), most vegetables, low sugar fruits , nuts and beans.

Goal for the summer: Get this bikini ... and the bod (minus the tits) to go along with it.

Here a few more sexy summer plans to accomplish:
  • First tattoo
  • New hair cut & colour
  • Bungee jump... aaaaah!
  • Soak up lotsa vitamin D... (ie. get my TAN on)
  • Escape to a sunny destination to proudly flaunt my successful SUFSS bod.
  • Blog more frequent :-)

Tell me,
What are your sexy summer plans?

Jess Mai


Amy said...

ahh i love this post! good luck with your fitness routine - it sounds so effing You will love bikram yoga though. :) I'm trying out POLE DANCING. Will def let you guys know how that goes. haha.

where do you plan to bungee jump at? thats one of my goals as well! and obviously go anywhere SUNNY!

BLOG MORE! you must! ;)

tessatham said...

Hey Jess!

Bikram is RIGHT by my house. Literally a 5 min walk. Aww you're done!!! Finally! I on the other hand... have 2 more semesters to go :( I can't wait for summer though. Planning to get a new do' as well! Can't wait :) and yes.. BLOG MORE :D I'll def be reading ;) said...

ahh! bungee jump~ i always wanted that but ... ahh! lol!

i got my first tattoo last summer; best thing i did all summer haha.

goodluck with the exercise and diet! I'm trying to do that too for prom haha!

and yyummm tann<3

anhesty said...

been working out everyday. eating healthier. and also i plan on just enjoying my weekends as much as i can. def going to hit the beach and go wakeboarding. i wish i had summers like when i was in college... and you know working out works best for any types of changes in your life.

Serena said...

WOO HOO!! Congrats on finishing your last exam. {*YAY} for summer time. =]

Your SUFSS plan sounds intense [for me] but very doable. I don't know if I'd be able to not eat after 8pm. {*LOL} Wish you the best of luck though!

Your summer plans sound amazing. I think bungee jumping sticks out the most. I'm sure you will LOVE this. I went skydiving this last summer and it was one of the most thrilling things I've ever done. So glad I did it in Hawaii. Let us know how it goes!! I'd love to hear about it. =D

As of right now... I don't have summer plans. I'm hoping to go to Southern California in June though. Hopefully hang out with some friends and go to Disneyland with the BF.

<3 Serena.

Irene said... your plans! And that big pile o' nachos is making me super hungry!!!

I can't believe you're getting a tattoo! :) Bungee jumping too? Brave gal. hehe Gotta get that Vitamin D, I'm hoping for a beach trip!

Blog all about your adventures!!! Looking forward to it! :D

giang said...

i have the same goal! high five* we can do it!!! keep us updated on ur stats, doll!

ko0ty said...

Yay good luck on your fitness goals!

Some things I learned:

Girl, lift HEAVY weights (well as heavy as you can)! You should be working up a sweat when lifting weights. It won't get you bulky and that myth was actually debunked a couple weeks ago.

Eating after 8pm is also unnecessary... it's what you eat not when you eat. =) Only if you do eat late at night, eat something light like cottage cheese or yogurt.

ko0ty said...

The heaviest weights I lift only allows me to lift about 10 reps.. I do about 4-5 sets and the reps usually go down. Also, lift your weights in supersets to save time meaning lift weights for different (or the same muscle group if you are more experienced) back to back without any rest in between. Google it. =)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Do you know what tattoo you want to get?? I am planning on getting a third very soon ;) xoxo

Klaudea said...

aHA your post made me LOL

My plans for sexy summer is to just. start. MOVING....

yeah blogs don't exactly help me do that...!

Serena said...

Hey Jess...
Wondering where you are and how you're doing.

Hope you're okay. It's been a month since your last post. Hope everything is going well and that you're just having an amazing summer.

<3s Serena.

Kym said...

JESSSMAI! i thought III was MIA... where the heck are you! I miss you and your posts! come back! haha! Anyway, Little Mexico Cantina? Is that the one in Steveston?

Kristin said...

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