Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"And it's harder than you think to delay the sadness"

The only good thing about waking up at 5AM to a blaring alarm, 
bussing 1.25hrs in a stinky bus
and listening to a MONOTONE professor drone on about whatever is...

there was something...
Ah! Yes.


is seeing the gorgeous sunrise this morning.
That is all though. Nothing else.


This is typically what I wear to school: 
Just casual, comfy and "vanilla". 
In other words, boring!


Forever21 tank top, Zara sweater, Tallulah leggings, BCBG boots, Coach handbag

Oh, and my 4 school books. Do not let their thin and small appearance fool you. They cost me a fortune!!
I have spent $300 on school books, this week, and I have 2 more to purchase. Ay yai-yai!!

Since I didn't have enough $$ to buy my other 2 books, I decided to pick up a little something, I could afford, from my wishlist.

Mac Florabundance lipglass!
Mai thoughts:
-Very sticky when applied, but soon adheres to lips.
-Pleasant vanilla scent.
-From the tube, I would describe the colour as peachy, pale-pink.
-The colour, as described above, looks amazing in the tube. However, worn alone, on my pigmented lips, it looks pasty and too nude.. completely washing me out.
-I do believe it will pair well with lipstick (I'll experiment tmrw).

so far..

pucker up & MUAHH!


Anonymous said...

your outfit doesn't look vanilla to me... haha I like. your morning communte does NOT sound fun at all. Sorry. Haha. where are you headed to that early???

MaiPhilosophy said...

Thanks Bunnie <3

School in the morning, followed by work. I live near Rmd, and I commute all the way up to SFU bby Mtn for early 830 class. Then, I make my way DT van for work.. I HATE public transit, but its affordable (more money for shoes). :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Adorable BCBG boots! I'm impressed you look so put together for school ... back in the day I would just slap on jeans and flats and barely make it to class on time. And you reminded me of something I don't miss at all - spending ridiculous $ on books!

MizzJ said...

I think this outfit is really cute, not blah!

I've had the same problems with pale glosses as well, which sucks b/c I love that pale pink color! Damn our Asian skin tone haha

Fun Size said...

Love your outfit babe!

Anonymous said...

luv the outft .those boots are cute
xo mw

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