Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hunting for Treasures

One's trash is Jessica Mai's treasure!

It is no secret that I, Jessica Mai, am addicted to shopping.

No matter where I go, I always manage to find something that I can purchase. Whether it be in malls, boutiques, drugstores, convenient stores, gas stations... I have been blessed with the ability to turn any trip into a shopping trip(my boyfriend dislikes).

Usually, leaving a store, with a purchase in hand, delivers me a strange feeling of contentment. Now, If the purchased item was on SALE, this strange feeling is accompanied with excitement, more happiness, and pride. HAHA (As though I performed an award worthy accomplishment)

However, to me, the best shopping experience is, without a doubt, thrift-store shopping!!! Reason being...

Mai Philosophy:

  • High quality items, for low prices

  • Items are unique, one-of-a-kind / no longer sold in stores

  • Household items, clothes, jewellery, books, shoes etc.. are all in 1 store

  • I am giving back to the community (My local thrift stores donate a large portion of their profit to the hospital and youth help line)

  • I am reducing, reusing, & recycling
Thrift stores provide all of the above, and I am still SHOPPING!
This past weekend, I was suppose to clean my messy room. Instead, I added to the clutter, and did a little thrifting. :)

lovely strand of white pearls: $1

blue velvet GAP blazer: $5

faux croc leather and gold metal belt: $1

silk scarf: $1

I think it is a pastry or cookie display, however I am using it to keep my lip products and jewels.

GRAND TOTAL OF $18 plus NO TAX! wahoooie!

happy hunting! 


MizzJ said...

Nice finds on the jewelry tray and scarf! I so need to get something like that as my accessories are getting out of hand haha

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

6o4honey said...

wow great finds!!! where do you thrift shop? i have been trying to look for great thrift store places but haven't found one i particularly like yet..

oh and thanks for dropping by my blog + the birthday wish :) yours is pretty awesome as well!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Awesome finds ... I love the pearls and scarf! They look much more expensive than they were.

You would love the Garment District in Cambridge if you ever find yourself around here ... they have hoards of new stuff coming in everyday and they even sell it by the pound.

Christine said...

I love this post... it describes me on a daily basis. lol! Everywhere I go I manage to buy something, whether it'd be clothes, candy, food, or cigarettes. Everytime I step out the house I HAVE to have money on me. Sometimes it sucks being a girl.... being broke at the end of the day and all... lol

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