Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Puff of Heaven

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a pleasant week, so far.

Unfortunately, I am drowning in work, work and more work.
As a result, for the past few days, I have been jailed in my room and chained to my blah and boring school textbooks (i wouldn't mind being chained to books of my choice) .

To make matters worse, I haven't been feeling well lately and I think its the FLU (Joy!) or just my body rebelling from the lack of sleep.

On a happier note, Mother Nature has been providing Vancouver with beautiful weather , as of late. Although my aching body has been slaving over papers and assignments, I am quite enjoying the natural light shining in from my window.

Sunny weather in January is a rare occurrence in Vancouver. For this reason, yesterday, I decided to unfasten my chains, leave my books behind, and walk outside to soak up some sun....mmm VITAMIN D!

Although the sun was shining bright, the air was still very chilly. I don't mind, because that means i get to LAYER, LAYER, LAYER!!

Sorry, the pictures aren't too clear. I underestimated the bright sun combined with the flash on my camera.

Mai Outfit:
Comfy, Sunny Vancouver, Casual

Tallulah Cream tank
AE striped sweater
Off The Wall grey leggings
Danier grey leather jacket
Le Chateau ballerina pink scarf & black wedges

After my week-long isolation from society, where is the first place i make a b-line to?

Obviously, BEARD PAPA!!!!!

"A LITTLE PUFF OF HEAVEN" should be their slogan.


You would think I would do something physically active,like bike or gym, after a week of sitting on my big behind...Pfft! Naw!

Gimme Gimme, Cream Puffs!..pls?

& Back to the books I go!
Enjoy the rest of your week :)

-Jess Mai


Andy Tan said...

i so love beard papa! plus you look lovely my dear!

i like your blog so I'm following! keep it up!


6o4honey said...

i love that place as well :) yes the vancouver weather is finally keeping up with us ! so excited for spring and all the S/S 10 collections! btw cute outfit babe

MizzJ said...

Yay for Beard Papa! I love even just walking by, it smells so good.

I like your jacket!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I love your jacket as well! I've been searching for a light gray jacket like that. Your outfit looks so comfy : )

MaiPhilosophy said...

Thanks Ladies! :)

Amy said...

oo i love the outfit. yea - its so easy to get depressed in the winter b/c of lack of sunlight. i always have to remember to walk outside from my office and catch some sunlight everyday for a few mins!

Anh said...

Ohhh that leather jacket looks so soft and comfy!!! Love it!

Clarissa said...

i love that leather jacket... i seen it @ danier but im in the same boat... im a poor new grad with education but not yet a job hehe

tam pham said...

OMG...i NEED that jacket!!!!

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