Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Faves (Jan2010)

Hello Monday, we meet again... >:(

Oh, but happy first day of February too!! 

Since its the first day of a new month, I had this idea of sharing a few random things that brought me a bit of joy in January.  In other words, throughout the past month of January, I was flaunting the following.. 

PASHMINA SCARVES not only kept me warm against the cold Vancouver winds, but they also added colour, texture, & glamour to my otherwise simple outfits.

Sorry black leather, I have dumped you for my 
Since my wardrobe is stocked full of black & grey coloured clothes, I relied on my cognac leather boots to provide colour contrast to my dark outfits, all month long. 
They scream classy, cool, & casual.

As I have written before, my Asian hair rebels against every 
volume-inducing hair product on the market.
Fortunately, I have found a way to fake it.
The curls give the allusion of of pumped-up voluminous hair fast & without the use of many products. 
(I use heat protectant & curling iron)

So Impractical, obnoxious, and ridiculous, yet they were my favourite of favourites. I usually like to wear gloves that have separate openings for my fingers & thumbs. However, though these SOCK MONKEY MITTENS restricted my fingers, I always had them on, and they were always keeping my fingers warm. How could anyone say no to two buttoned-eyed sock monkeys? 

This February will be busy. Here are a few events I'm looking forward to in February:
  1. Lunar New Year
  2. 2nd year anniversary with my BF 
  3. Valentines Day 
  4. Olympics in Vancouver [ meh:/ ]

Wishing you a happy Monday, & a Fantastic February!
-Jess Mai


PetiteAsianGirl said...

I love Feb for the same reasons (expect the anniversary part - congrats to you two)! Curly hair is one of my all-time faves ... I know what you mean about asian hair rebelling against it. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the perfect curl and make it hold for more than 1 hour! said...

the sock monkey is SO CUTE; i always wanted one of them, i'm not brave enough to wear those animalface hts but eh mits i could handle haha
so many people have our bed! :O haha i think it's so french loking :)

Lipstick Rules said...

Love those boots! And your blog (which I just came across).

Always happy to find another Canadian blogger!!

Amy said...

love pashmina scarves! <3 can't leave the house with a warm scarf around my neck these days.

februray should be a great month :) all the holidays! new years AND valentine's day. (i also have my boyf's birthday. ahh sigh)

great post :)

Christine said...

love the pashmina scarf, god knows I dont wear scarfs for warmth, its all about fashion baby, even if im freezing my ass off! lol

the leather boots are so hott, I agree- my wardrobe is all black, white, & grey... lol I hate wearing pink or yellow.. yuck

glitteryeyesxx said...

Hahaha, the sock monkey mittens are sooooo freakin' cute!! I love your cognac boots!! I think black boots are kinda overplayed, but it's always nice to spice things up with something of a different color for an outfit. Gotta stand out from the other girls, right? ;)

I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR Tet, as well (is that how you say it? Tet?) Although I'm far too old to get those "li xi" (sp?) red envelopes anymore, it's always nice just to see the little ones all happy in getting them. Congrats on your 2-year anni with your bf! =)

Kym said...

haha yes! I can totally relate with the asian hair thing... (especially since i recently got the most horrible haircut ever... the person thinned my hair out like there was no tomorrow :( ) anyway! curls are the way to go! love those mittens too! :)

6o4honey said...

sexy hair and cute gloves mai!


Wanderlusting Fool said...

Yay for February! Love your sock monkey mittens. So cute! I agree, how could you say no! :)

Wanderlusting Fool

Logan said...

Thanks for following my are so cute! I like yours has a cute, unique style to it! I love cognac boots too..i find they work equally as well with brown and black..and for sure add a cool "pop" to when I wearing all black or grey.


Andy said...

I love pashmina scarves and your hair is gorge!


Alexandra said...


Shifa said...

Sooo funky! Love everything in this post :)

Nabila said...

super cute gloves haha

Nabila xo

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