Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Yellow

Hi Darlings!

I had a bit of time before I left for lunch today (Thanks to tardy BF), so I decided to take a few photos of my outfit.

I absolutely adore this bright scarf I found at Le Chateau. It adds colour and spirit to my neutral (black, grey, & white) outfits. It is such a gorgeous mustard yellow that is so unique and lively. 
I'm trying to make more of an effort to purchase more colour for my closet. 

I'm also loving winged eyeliner. I like to keep the shadow on my lids light, and let the eyeliner emphasize the eyes.

ZARA 3/4 length tunic(♥ the pearl button detail)
LE CHATEAU scarf(♥ the colour)
ZARA black leggings
LE CHATEAU black wedges(♥ the V-shaped rim)

this Buddha pendant. 
I got the carving on my last trip to Vietnam, & my Dad, a jeweler, placed it in a gold setting so I can wear it as a pendant.

& I leave you with this CHEEEEESY goodness! OM NOM NOM
My yummy penne with chicken lunch @ Old Spaghetti
I highly recommend this dish. It was delish!

(good thing I was wearing a flowy white tee to hide my food baby)
Bye for now :)
-Jess Mai


6o4honey said...

ahh that looks SO good haha. or maybe i'm just really hungry. (yeah at this hour :/) cute outfit once again! love the pop of colour with the scarf. commented back on my blog in response to your msg :P

6o4honey said...

ok i figured it out! yay :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Yummy! Super cute casual outfit, too : ) I've never heard of Le Chateau...must be a Canadian store I'm guessing.

Lipstick Rules said...

I"m trying to add colour to my wardrobe too! That is a great scarf!

Thanks for visiting my blog ;-)


Style & Beauty said...

thanks so much for showing me the first blogger love =) ! I definitely will start, just don't know what to really begin with lol. Love your blog btw !

For The Fierce said...

ugh hate you... that pasta pic made me hungry for pasta, I LOVE pasta, favorite is penne ala vodka. & yes the winged eyeliner is always classy <3

augustalolita said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) i got my vest at zara. it was on sale for $40, but then two weeks later when i went back it went down to $30!! i think its a better deal now!!

anyway lovely outfit!! love the color of your scarf!! and the penne looks yummy!!

em.me.ma said...

oh i love yellow haha; so i'm lloving your scarf; and i want to eatt tht pasta dish!


Velire said...

ooh i love yellow, its one of those colors you know can instantly brighten up an outfit. :) Cute outfit post! :)

Will be coming back to read more next time. :) Added you on my blogroll. :D

Kym said...

*mmmm* that penne looks yummy! and i love the color of your scarf!

loved the story of the squirrels in your attic! I actually have a similar story. Before, i would be so creeped out because just above my bedroom, i would hear movement.. rapid walking, shuffling, etc... i seriously thought there was someone living up there secretly. it even reminded me of the simpsons (not sure if you watch simpsons or have seen this episode) where bart simpson had an "evil twin" living in his attic. hahaha! Anyway, i figured out that it is probably a squirrel or a mouse! =S i have come to embrace the sounds... hahaha! ;P

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Love the yellow scraf, and your hair is perfect :)

Anonymous said...

the pasta looks sooooo good.
maybe i should slow down to appreciate life and eat some pasta :p


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