Monday, February 22, 2010

Match Your Inner Sparkle

The iconic Marilyn Monroe couldn't be more correct when she sang,
"diamonds are a girl's best friend".

Now, we can't always afford diamonds,
but it doesn't mean we can't sparkle.
Cubic Zirconia, crystal or rhinestone can be a girl's
 blinging buddy too.

I have always been attracted to shiny & sparkly things.
I remember one time, back in grade school, I placed myself in massive trouble for going Ga-Ga over glitter. My teacher had set a few bottles of glitter shakers on each of our tables for a craft project & instructed us not to touch them. Overwhelmed & excited by the sparkling bottles in front of me, I completely ignored the teacher, and immediately placed 2 bottles in each of my little hands. Using the glitter shakers as maracas, I pranced & danced around, sprinkling masses of glitter everywhere.
Needless to say, my teacher, my principal, and my parents, were not impressed.

As I grew, so did my love for sparkly things.
I would like to introduce you to a few of my best {sparkly} friends...

I feel so naked without earrings.
For everyday, I would usually wear my small  diamond studs. However, these large & dazzling crystal earrings always make me feel dressed up. 
Also, girls, wearing sparkly earrings draws attention to our gorgeous faces.

Who needs Mr. Right's diamond ring? 
Get yourself an imitation diamond cocktail ring. 
You'll still have money leftover to wear your ring out to have a cocktail.
 {while searching for the perfect man}

A statement neclace decked out in crystals is a perfect companion for a dress or gown.
 However, they also get along great with casual looks too. 
So, do not hesitate to throw it on with a plain white tee & jeans.

Hunt through your jewellery box for chains, bracelets, pearls etc. and wrap them all around your wrists. 
They don't need to match. 
I find the mixture & tangle makes it more 
eye-catching & fun.
In other words, imperfection is perfection!

When it comes to costume jewellery, my belief is, 
"the bigger, the better" or, "the blinger, the better".
 In my opinion, these super bling-blings are a must in everyone's jewellery box. 

-Jessica Mai


e.motion in motion said...

Yay I <3 huge chunky shiny costume jewelry!! :D Loving all your bling bling. Hehe and the story about your glitter overload is so funny XD

Leah said...

Cubic Zirconia can be a great alternate for genuine diamonds... and it doesn't cost much. Love your blings! xoxo

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Gorgeous bling collection! I love the snowflake (or are they flowers?) earrings and that necklace.

Anonymous said...

these are all very pretty

Anonymous said...

hahaha! glitter shakers as maracas! :D

Love that necklace! :D

xbbkay said...

ahahhaa,that is a cute childhood story. ! i think no matter what generation, girls would always look jewlerry. Who would be able to resist the sparkes. It's in our bbiology. haaha

i like the earing in the first pic. very pretty!

For The Fierce said...

I fucking love jewelry! can never have enough! Sometimes I find myself collecting it & leaving for display lol, some never make it on my body. my fav has to be my small cubic zurconia studs for everyday & rings <333 rings are so fun & they look illlll

nice post dahlinggg. Love your bracelets <3

sunniipinky said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jessica! ^___^

I'm a fan of sparkles too, but I'm not really that big a fan of diamonds/crystals + gold...I think I look a little too immature to wear those even though I'm already in the big 2-0. Haha~~

But thanks for sharing that with us. <3

Princesa Livia said...

Love your picks! I love sparkly & shiny things too! :)

Samantha said...

I love all of these pictures!

Gorgeous jewelry and girl :)
I also love shinnin' myself ;)

tam pham said...

love all the pieces! so sparkling and pretty!

happy monday,
p.s i'm having a giveaway & q&a!

LittoMokaa said...

Omg your story about glitters is soooo funny! haha :) I loveee jewelry too but I'm more the type of girl who likes simple yet shiny things! xD I love them rings and bracelet but most of the time they're all too big for me because i'm very petite :(

Anyways loved your post <3 :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, yeah, lets see how long it takes before my boyfriend starts nagging me to wear it more. LOL

&& I love your jewelry. I'm the same way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that sparkles! ;D Glitter & a shine on anything makes me happy! ^__^

Also, you look great in those pictures~

Irene said...

Love love love SPARKLE, no matter real fake whatever hehe...if it sparkles, I'm all over it!

Also, I wish I could wear earrings. Have been wanting to get my ears pierced for YEARS, but my Mom always forbade it. Don't know why I never rebelled and decided to get it done anyway lol.

Love your bling!

luvshabuu said...

hi there, just passing

i also can never go out without having at least one jewellery on my's kinda boost up my confindence..

btw check out my jewellery store
*gonna update more stuff soooonn ^^

Anonymous said...

such beautiful jewellery!


those earrings are amazingly cute.. and sparkly :p haha

Kym said...

hahaha awwwww! i can just picture you as a little girl using glitter bottles as marracas! hahaha! ;P i LOVE the rings... the sucky thing for me is.. they never have my size when i go and shop for them!! they are ALWAYS too big! :(

ko0ty said...

I love jewelry too but I won't spend much on them because I'm not a girl who prefers diamonds. I would rather spend my money on something else like electronics which is more practical. =P

tessatham said...

love the bling :) a girl can never have enough eh ;) been inspired to make my own jewelry as of late, instead of buying. it's cheaper too! haha. can't afford to shop as much now :( anyways, how's your weekend coming along? xox tess

For The Fierce said...

Hey luv, tagged you for an award <3

The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. umm talk about bling bling. great post. the more the better for sure. layered jewelry is awesome

xx lue

Katie Ngo said...

Loving the jewelry! Thanks for stopping by love. I know, they are adorable. :) & Thanks, I can't wait to put it up. :P Keep in touch!

Katie Ngo

dancinginchiffon said...

great tips on the bling bling darling!

Trina Mui said...

thank you for dropping by my page the other day ^ ^ love all your jewleries !!! so pretty ~!! Keep in touch ! ^^

Logan said...

Sometimes I feel like a kid when I see pretty sparkles like SHINY AND PRETTY..haha..beautiful post..all of your stuff is so cute. I esp, love the earrings in the first post.

I'm watching the hockey game now. Go Canada!!..They are winning big. Love that you are a Sid fan too!! I LOVE him!


Serena said...

I can picture a littler girl dancing around a classroom with a trail of glitter following behind her. {*LOL}

Nice blinging accessories. I love mixing and matching bracelets. I did that a few times with two necklaces. I wrapped them around my wrist a few times and {*VoilĂ !} necklace into bracelets.

Mary said...

cute the pictures! you're very beautiful!

Beautyrush101 said...

Love all your jewelry, and your absolutely stunning girl!

coffretgorge said...

nice accessory collection! i love your blog, im def following you! :)

priincess said...

LOVEEE all ur jewellries! : )

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