Monday, March 1, 2010

I have PODS... (February Favourites)

Today is the day...
Today is the end of February 2010   :(

My highlight of this month is the 2010 Winter Olympics
held in my home and native land, 
beautiful British Columbia.

& now it is all donzo...   wahhhh! :(

From the Olympics, Canadians not only gained 26 medals (14 GOLD..holla!!)
but we also gained excitement, pride & glory.

Like many other Vancouverites, I am now suffering from PODS
Post Olympic Distress Syndrome.

Oh Canada, I am so proud & I lover you! :)

Moving Along...

Since it is the end of February, I will share my most favourites of February... 

(WOW! Please excuse my PUFFY EYES. Zero sleep, Can you tell?)

I received this gorgeous green {faux} snake skin wallet from the beautiful Alex.
Adore her & her cute and insightful blog and videos.. Thx Alex

I apologize for being blog absent. 
I have been soaking up all the Olympics. 
The past 2 weeks have been Canada day, everyday. 
It will be strange returning to "normal" routine... 
But, I will definitely have more time to blog & communicate with all my blog buddies :)

As you can tell, I had a fantastic February! 
Tell me.
How was your February?
& What were some of your favourites in February?

What were your Favourite 2010 Winter Olympic moments?
Mine were:
  • Canada vs. USA gold medal hockey game (women & men)
  • Bilodeau winning Olympic gold (1st 2010 gold medal for Canada)
  • Kim Yu-Na on ice
-Jessica Mai


e.motion in motion said...

Lol I have not really kept up with the Olympics! >_< Hehe. Aw I really like how you do your February recap with pictures! So cute! :D I have actually never tried lip stains before (gasp!)

giang said...

those canada mittens are cuteeee!!! :) love the first pic with the green clutch you look pretty

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! :D My favorite Olympic moments...

- Ohno passing the two Koreans who fell in the speed-skating relay
- definitely Kim Yu-Na winning gold
- downhill skiing Lindsey Vonn winning the gold

sunniipinky said...

Really cute pics! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. ^___^

My favorites? The moments when I turned my essay in! Hahaha. I know, way too absorbed into the evilness of school. But I'm so happy to see all you Canadian bloggers with your pride! Patriotism is always so admirable. :3

Hehe, sorry if I'm not making much sense. xD It's 2 in the morning~~ Whooo.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

You look so cute with the lip stain there : ) My favorite moment was probably kim Yu-Na on ice. I'm not Korean but her story was so darn touching and her smile lit up the room.

Samantha said...

Awwww such cute pictures! Your sucha cutie patootie!!!

I actually haven't used lip stains either! (as erynn stated above :D)
which are your favorites?

My favorite Olympic moments have to be... Kim Yu Na's short performance, Apollo Ohno!!, and super g skiing was hilarious lol

tessatham said...

haha you are such a cutie jess!! i love the gloves hehe. my fantastic february would def include the olympic festivities!! highlights - mens & women's hockey (GOLD BABY!), kim yuna and tessa virtue + scott moir :) now that it's over i'm so sad and yes, i am suffering from pods haha! but yesterday's game was the icing on the cake. YAY FOR CROSBY <3 :)glad to know you enjoyed the olympics as well!


Irene said...

LOVE the pics! (especially the one with the mittens hehe)

I'm glad you had such an amazing time with the Olympics being hosted basically where you live!!! It really is a once in a lifetime experience.

I love shorts with tights too!!! But I haven't been brave enough to pull it off yet ;_;

Susie said...

Those mittens are so cute! Haha :P
I definitely loved watching Kim Yu-Na ice skate! She's amazing. But now since there's no more Olympics, I feel like there's nothing to watch on TV anymore :( Hahhaha. I'll just have to wait for the World Cup.

For The Fierce said...

My feb was boring... sorta... but I did do productive things!

& food... ahaha I love food, as you can tell. & I looove snake skin, its so sexy. & alligator too...

have a good week hun <3

sophia said...

Wow good to hear from you, you haven't posted in FOREVER! ^_~

THANK YOU for what you wrote - it seriously made me LOL! I feel the same about high heels.. such a confidence booster!

Anonymous said...

WOOO CANADA! I must say, I'm experiencing post olympic withdrawal too. :( It was a GREAT two weeks though!! Of course, the gold medal hockey game was the BEST. I've been pretty blog absent too. Funny how olympics can do that to ya!


PS - thank goodness for make up huh? I'd have no eyebrows without it!

sophia said...

teeheehee you said "bum" ^o^

And you are crazy of course leggings would look good on you - from your photos I can see you ARE SKINNY!!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i love this post! i'm totally suffering from PODS as well! can't believe the Olympics came and went so fast. it's been amazing!

my favourite moments were definitely the Canada vs. USA gold medal game as well! i thought i was going to have a heart attack during OT. i also loved Tessa & Scott's ice dance, they were beautiful. can't forget Joannie Rochette's performance, she's an inspiration <3

glad you've been enjoying the Olympics too! xx

Velire said...

i just had to say i love that snake skin purse/wallet you're holding..beautiful :)

actually havent been on the latets bout the winter olympics..soorry :) hehehe..but february was well okay for me..i enjoyed the cool breezes. :)

Andy Quirks said...

i so want one of those mittens!

augustalolita said...

love snake skin-i need some!! and i really want to try lip stains. whats a good brand??

Logan said...

Hey hun! So I have something for you on my have to go over and check it out!!! (if you don't like surprises...I picked you for an award..haha)

Serena said...

February was nice. Nothing big happened for me though other than Lunar New Years and [kinda] Valentine's day. I think it was best spending so much time bonding with family, all the gatherings and dinner. LOVE family time.

I love wearing shorts with tights as well!! My friends always make fun of me for it though. That's how often I do it.

side note: you have a gorgeous smile.

monica said...

cute blog!!!
1. love the snakeskin

Amy said...

how do you get away wearing shorts w/tights? (what kind of shorts and shoes?) I'm still trying to do this and I've only done it a few times...haha. so fashion clueless sometimes.

fave olympic moments...SHAUN WHITE. Yu-Na Kim was PERFECTION of course.

I love Canadian patriotism!! woo hoo!

Velire said...

hi mai just wanted to let you know i passed on the sunshine award to ya :*

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Fav moment is definitely when we won GOLD in mens hockey!!!! YA CANADA!!!

So very sad it's over :(



Kym said...

WOOOOHOOO! go canada! :) That was definitely my fave for February as well, hands down!

Klaudea said...

My favourite olympic moment was hearing the anthem being sung EVERYWHERE and getting high fived EVERYWHERE and seeing a sea of red and white!

I love the way you did you're favourites btw :)

Hope you are recovering from your PODS. I hate how it seems like olympics never happened in vancouver now. But i still smile everytime i see an canada flag on a car or someone wearing canada gear :)

LittoMokaa said...

haha love the gloves! <3 :D My favorite olympic moment was seeing Kim Yu-Na's performing on ice. It was AMAZING! :D

xbbkay said...

wooot! good canadians!!

i heard we broke a record for the gold metals?? haha. everyone has been super excited over here for the past few days as well.

I haven't been keeping up with the olypmics, but even i heard all the hypes and excitment!

P.S the mittens are cute!

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