Monday, February 15, 2010

Tag, I'm it!

Happy Monday folks!

 I'm super excited to be tagged by these ever so  lovely & gorgeous  bloggers:
Thankyou so much girlies   :)

The rules of this tag are...
"Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."
Here goes:

  1. Taking long walks through my neighbourhood, on a sunny Vancouver day.
  2. Running
  3.  Kindness
  4.  Playing with my baby bro-skees
  5. Singing out LOUD
  6. Eating {nuff said}
  7. Reading a good book
  8. Sleeping in
  9. Traveling {learning new things & meeting new people}
  10. Blogging

I would like to Tag
& each and every one of my lovely followers who would like to do this too!
Jess Mai


e.motion in motion said...

I'm with you on 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! :D I wish I was more keen on exercising lol but I hate running, I'm so lazy XD

Irene said...

:) I miss long walks -- it must be especially beautiful in Vancouver!

I love 1-10 (though I don't have any brothers haha) -- need a new good book to snuggle up with!

Kym said...

love your list jess! i love taking a walk in my neighbourhood too especially in the summer and especially since the water is so close by! #2 - i could learn to love it.. but right hahaha! #3 - YES YES YES! the best feeling right? #4 - well my bro is older but i do enjoy hanging out with him :) #5 - yes, ask my bf haha! #6 YES x 128301298 (which is why i SHOULD learn to love running, haha) #7 when i have time, yes #8 i wish it was everyday #9 i wish i could do more of it! #10 the bloggy world does make me happy :)

P.S - regarding the massage.. it actually DID help! well... the next day i was still really sore from all her jabbing but after that, i actually felt the relief :) This was at Big Feet, you must've heard or seen it around??

dancinginchiffon said...

Congratulation on the award darling!

tessatham said...

thanks for the tag jess <3 i shall do a post tomorrow :) only 2/3 done my project and i've been working on it since 7pm - now (5am) :( i kinda wanna head dt to do some picture taking, but it's soo crowded! do you have any plans for today? xox

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