Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orange You Obsessed ?

Orange you happy?
...I sure am!
The last few days, I have been stressing and slaving over school and work, before my 2 week Olympic break

Since I felt like I was about to burst some brain, I figured it was healthy and necessary for me to step outside for some fresh air & perhaps purchase a

As I perused the shops near my neighbourhood, I saw a nail polish that immediately caught my attention.

It was bright, it was loud & it was ORANGE!
A wacky colour, I know. But, it tugged at my curiosity.
I had to try the polish!
Just one stroke of orange, and I knew I needed it in my life.

OPI "Don't Be Koi With Me"
{Ha!, I the name}
Beautiful, Bright orange
No shimmer
Easy application
Long lasting {hasn't chipped in 4 days}
I would describe the colour as a "koi fish-orange"
{hence, the name}
It certainly has a reddish tinge.

Ah, Yes! Thanks to one my my most favourite blogger friends, Tessa, I realized I was likely attracted to this colour because it bares a striking resemblance to my LOVE, Hermes. Oh, Hermes! 

Although OPI polishes tend to be pricier than other brands, I do feel the quality is worth it.
The polish applies like a dream & leaves a streak-free finish.
I am horrible at painting my own nails.
{colour ends up all over my fingers}
But, using OPI polishes, my result looks purrty & semi-professional. :)

I did not use base or top coat, and the polish has lasted 4 days{& counting}.

The colour is so bright & wacky.
Makes me smile as I work & look down at my fingers.

eep! These mini oranges are super mini!
...om nom nom!

These orange "pick-me-ups" have been brightening my day.
So, my lovelies, what has been brightening your day?

Jessica Mai


For The Fierce said...

Those bracelets look so elegant. The polish is really different, something I personally would never wear, like pink or yellow - those colors just make me look ewww lol. I don't own any OPI polishes 'cause their so pricey, but because you say you didn't use a base or coat & they've lasted 4 days without chipping I'm now going to purchase a polish from them. Thanx hun <3

Anonymous said...

hey hun I tagged u on my blog =)
xo mw

Diya said...

love the nailpolish but eveno more so,love the stacked bracelets.

and please visit my blog... it's only a month old and all and I would greatly appreciate it!


giang said...

loves the color! i'm gonna have to go pick that up now

sunniipinky said...

I like how it makes a statement. :) Thanks for sharing!

em.me.ma said...

pretty colour :)


Viva La Fashion said...

your post brightened my day. i really want an orange now...

tessatham said...

ah fab color jess! reminds me of hermes for some reason. you get a break? i don't :( btw which school do u attend? what's brightening up my day..... hmm. knowing that the weekend is near! are you going to any olympic related festivities?

ko0ty said...

I hate painting my nails too... well the worst part is removing it PROPERLY, with nail polish remover. Something I always neglect to do so I have chipped nails for like 2 weeks. Yuck!

The orange is gorgeous btw!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

ooo I love that pic with your macbook. I would never think to do orange polish (i'm more neutral and muted) but it looks fab on you!! Maybe I'll be bold enough to try that in the summer.

Ps - yes baby brothers are adorable! I'm going to post mine soon cuz I miss him so darn much. He lives 8 hours away : (

Leah said...

Love the orange... so perky! And I noticed your bracelets... I love 'em.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Irene said...

I could never pull off orange...but it looks so fab on you!!! :)

Dang girl, how many mini oranges are you holding? LOL! I count 5.

Anonymous said...

oOoO love that color! :D

Have you ever tried Sinful Colors? I'm in LOVE with their nail polishes. :D

You should check out: http://www.head2toebeauty.com

They have cheaper OPI, China Glaze, and lots more nail polishes (plus a ton of other stuff!)

My friend got me hooked on that site. She got a package in the mail with a TON of polishes and I just couldn't resist making an equally huge order. I'll have to post about it sometime when I get a chance to take pictures.

RYC: Oh wow that's cool! (^_^) I have a western name too. My Japanese name is Mai but my English name is Nicole. :)

Anonymous said...

love it! i did orange today too for new years' tiger. i know..cheesy but i love the theme. hahaha i used china glaze #705

Ansley said...

I like that color a lot! I tried some orange nail polish at Sephora too and it was pretty cute :)

- kimmy - said...

hahaha i love the theme of this post :) so cute. what's funny is I also just recently discovered my own stash of OPI polishes (turned out a cousin gave me a whole bag last year, when I wasn't into doing nails yet) and I found them 2 days ago, I was like WTF cool!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i LOVE eating those oranges too! i always pack a few with me and it's a great snack to have on the go :D

thanks for visiting my blog :) about the R&R cosmetics, they're pricey but worth it for the most part! i like their packaging a lot, very pretty and sturdy as well. not to mention the size of the blushes/powders are HUGE and much bigger than the typical size. if you get a chance to, definitely check it out :D

happy valentine's day btw! xx

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