Sunday, March 7, 2010

Didja Know?

Thank-you mucho mucho 
to the lovely Logan  (love her & her fun and informative blog) 
for awarding me.

The rules around this award are to list 7 random facts about me.
Here they be:

 I have never eaten a McDonald's Big Mac... Not sure why.

I name all my favorite electronics. 
For instance, my Mac Book is Sir Baby-Sparkles & my mobile is Pork Chops.

It's physically impossible for me to keep my room tidy. This is an illness that will never be cured.

 I like to smile at people even if I don't know them.
 They probably think I'm a creep. 
Its alright.

My nose is very good at detecting smells. 
I think my keen sense of smell makes up for my horrible vision & hearing skills.

I'm terrified of getting older & growing up. I just don't wanna! 
I promise, I will probably be a little kid forever.

 I tend to leave everything to the very last possible minute 
& then panic about it. 
Its not a good fact about me.
 It's more a fault that I'm sure I will never get rid of.

I would now like to award

Have a great week bloggies!
Jessica Mai


PetiteAsianGirl said...

lol! Cute facts. You're not missing out by having never eaten a big mac. I finally had one last year ... and have to say I prefer a whopper. Oh great ... all this burger thinking has me hungry now, and it's almost midnight!

LOLanne said...

awww you have the cutest random facts... i like how theres pics for every fact too :)
ditto to #3... im always late sooo my closet ends up overflowing into my bed and eventually the rest of my room every morning while trying to think of which outfit to wear

hahah #4 cracked me up! i'd probably smile back...awkwardly though, if we ever crossed paths. otherwise, i'd feel "rude" if i didnt lol


e.motion in motion said...

Thanks for the tag :D I had fun reading all your facts hehe. I have not eaten a big mac before either! Err wait... I think maybe I had a tiny bite of one but that was it XD You should see my room right now! It's like a tornado went through there XP And I am totally with you on #7 :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag, hun! :)

haha, come to think of it, I've never had a Big Mac either! :D lol and my roommates and friends always say "You always say you have to clean your room but it always looks the same" lol!

giang said...

lol, this is cute! i have a keen sense of smell, too! to make up for lack of vision! high five** love posts like these

Klaudea said...

So cute love the graphics!!

Haha I name cars but not all my electronics Lol :) That is too cute!

I've never had a big mac either. although its because I don't eat beef. Chicken/fish/veggie burgers are the only burgers i eat. Oh and I havent' had a hot dog in ages because most outside places sell them with beef weiners. :(

cheerilyhappy said...

awww thx for commenting!!
since i have switched from xanga to blogger, i feel kind of lonely in the blogosphere XD so happy to see comments or followers popping up haha!

vancouver has just everything that is asian right? haha! i should visit vancouver one day... must be a beautiful place, isn't it?

Amy said...

woo hoo! i'm honored..beautiful blogger award? hot damnnnn. haha. this gives me an automatic topic to write about now! htank you hunnie :)

go try a big mac soon :) and yes, i never want to grow up either! sigh...and pracrastination? i hear ya and feel ya. (why i should be working and not surfing the web of my fellow beautiful blogers. ugh)

For The Fierce said...

#4 is funny.... lol, I'm the opposite, I've had plenty ppl tell me I look like a bitch & that I have an attitude problem. ahaha

& I procrastinate alot too! it's so dumb, makes me feel weak, lazy, & just... ugh lol

An Tran said...

hello =) thanks so much for visiting my blog!
hopefully you'll come back from time to time and find posts that'll make u want to subscribe heheheh
love ur blog btw =) best of luck!^^

Irene said...

Your posts always make me LOL! I name all sorts of things too, just not my electronics haha! I like the SIR Baby Sparkles. So creative!!!!

Haha @ #4!!! I'm so with you on #6! :D

Irene said...

Aaaah - almost forgot - Thank you so much for the award too!!!! *blushes* :)

Samantha said...

Hey love!

I've awarded you a award on my blog!

Kristin said...

Get yourself a Big Mac STAT lady!

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