Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Good Golly Gosh..

Hi Dolls.

Hope all of you are doing well.
oh good golly gosh!!!!
 I sure have been neglecting my blog lately.
I apologize.

My days and nights have been swamped with work and school.
Im pooped out!
& If you know anything about me, you would know how easily I get distracted, 
and I procrastinate.
For this reason, I tried to steer far far far away from the blogosphere.

Anyhow, I finally afforded a day of freedom today.
And, of course, I rushed straight to the shops for countless hours of retail therapy.

After much browsing, I only brought home 1 little item.
However, although this item was little, it brought me jumbo amounts of joy.
  • OPI Mad As A Hatter Polish
Oh! It was love at first sight. 

I can literally stare at the polish bottle for hours. The polish is soo hypnotizing and glittery.

Personally, I find this polish too overwhelming on all ten of my tips.
Instead, I have been obsessed with painting my all my nails a solid colour
 & glittering 1-2 nails with this polish.

like this...
These photos do not do justice at all!
The polish is a party of green, blue, red, purple and silver glitter.
So fun!

After 3 coats, I had no bald spots.
Since there is so much glitter, the polish clumps quite easy.
To avoid this, apply 1 coat, and let dry before applying the next.

Also, to prevent the polish from chipping, try to keep the application to 3 coats.
This is because, the thicker the coats, or the more you use, the more prone you are to chipping.

In conclusion, I LOVE this polish & I believe YOU will too.
Glitter polish is a MUST NEED in everyone's polish collection.

Aside from my pretty polish, my weekend was very uneventful.
Just work, work and more work... and [with finals soon] much more to come :(

Wish me luck.
Jessica Mai


Susie said...

Omg that color is AMAZING!

e.motion in motion said...

Miss your posts girl! I hope things slooow down for ya soon ;) That polish is so pretty! I was considering buying it but ahh I couldn't decide XD

tessatham said...

Jess.. I'm so going to run out tomorrow and grab a bottle! Haha it's so pretty!!!! <3 Semester is almost over, hang in there!!! But glad to see you back blogging :) xx

charlene-ann said...

aaahh school has taken over my life! i am also tired of all the school work & what not! but we should almost be done! YAY! =) ohhh & that polish is super pretty =D

xbbkay said...

that colour looks phenominal. and i like how you don't paint all 10 nails.

i hope you feel better soon. School was stressing me out for some time as well, and when i came back to blogging, it's like a new world. i feel like a lost kid. hehe

Amy said...

i suck at painting my own i don't. i just stick to toe nails. haha.

i think since spring is coming, everybody has been SUPER busy!

sunniipinky said...

Nice to see your post update! :D I think this nail polish can definitely be "too muchness" if not applied properly, but you did great! I love it. ^___^

Hope to see more updates soon and that you won't be too overly swamped with school work! Yuck. New quarter started for me. xD Take care!

LittoMokaa said...

Yay glad you're back! :D Lovee the nail polish!! Good louck with school & work :)

Irene said...

Oooh such a pretty polish! I wish I could wear more fun stuff to work T_T

Hooray for staying on a budget! I used to love going out and spend spend spend (or browsing the web likewise) but it is so very important to save! Put all that hard earned money into something BIG oneday! ;)

Glad to see you back! Good luck w/ finals!!!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Omigosh! I love what you did with the ballet slippers & the glitter polish. Ballet Slippers is one of my fave colors (neutral enough for work) and I would never think to jazz it up with glitter. Mad Hatter is gorgeous ... I don't even like glitter, but feel strangely drawn to it.

giang said...

this looks amazingggg! must buyyyy

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