Friday, April 9, 2010




Well... Not yet.
I'm still a tattoo virgin.
However, I've always had a thing for tattoos.

Lately, I have become obsessed,
&  grew an urge to get inked right NEOW!

So, what is keeping me from inserting a needle into layers of my skin?

  •  Think before you ink!
I want something I wont regret 30 years from now.
Before accepting the needle, I must ask myself...
 Will I still want this on my body when my skin is all wrinkly?
Tattoos are for life, so if I get a tattoo, I must choose wisely.
  • The permanence of a tattoo scare the pants off of me!
Remember how indecisive I am?
However, the image I have chosen for my first tattoo is definitely something I will never regret .
As a result, any doubts are slowly diminishing. 
I plan to let the idea float in my head for some time before making it permanent.

I'm gonna do more research and hopefully meet with a tattoo artist soon.
Once I have a sketch, 
I'll blog it. 

I leave you with one of my favourite inked men.

{photo via google images}

Tell me,
Do you have/want any tattoos? 
If so, do they have any meaning to you?

Jessica Mai.


charlene-ann said...

hey hun! i'm totally get u with this one!! ive been wanting to get inked too! but kinda scared haha =\

anhesty said...

i am inked. and i do love them and def has meaning to me. and at age 31 i still want more.

For The Fierce said...

Ever since I was about 16/17 I was always ranting about tattoos & that the day I turn 18 I'm getting a tat! I had a few things in mind - but none that had a real significant meaning, so when It was my bday I didn't get it...

but when I heard the line from one of Rihanna's songs I thought about it & fell in love with it - "No Pain Is Forever", I go it on the 1st week of January 2010, I knew that I needed that on my body, it has such significant meaning to me, everytime I find myself to be upset I just know that it'll pass, no pain is forever - time heals everything.

As for the pain.... trust me it's not as bad as people make it seem to be. BUT anywhere on the bone it'll hurt. Get your first tat on a place on your body that has alot of skin/fat, it hurts less. HAve fun with it & think it through =]

Susie said...

I feel you on the whole tattoo situation! I want one so bad but I can't come up with one that I would want for the rest of my life..even when I'm old & wrinkly! Hahahah.

xbbkay said...

i'm too chicken for a tattoo. I can't bare the thought of enduring the pain, and for the most part i know i'd probably regret it later in life, so it's just not my thing

I think that it's not really permnement anymore. You can get them removed i heard?

i think i'll stick with the sticker tattoos. HAHAH

i'd like to see what kind of design you'd get, if you decide on it!

e.motion in motion said...

I feel the same way! I've gone through numerous designs, ideas, and sketches but haven't fully settled on one. Currently I'm wanting my last name in kanji, next to a (pretty) tribal butterfly on my left shoulderblade. I have it all drawn out, but my dad doesn't want to give me the proper kanji -_-; I mean... I figure I'm not going to regret my last name right?! And butterflies to me represent the beauty but fleeting impermanence of life. : ) Whatever you get, I'm sure it'll be awesome!

Popcorn said...

hahah LOL I never really wanted a tattoo on myself. But i have always like simple and small tattoos like a star. hehehe Well, hopefully you will find just the right design for yourself. :D

Serena said...

I completely agree with you. If I am to get something permanently inked onto my body it better have some meaning, not some fad or trend. I think that's one of the main reasons I never got a tattoo. I've wanted one since I was 13/14 but I couldn't think of something meaningful to get, something I would not regret. It's been 10 years and I still can't think of anything. =/ {*eh}
I've also thought about how my skin might stretched out or get wrinkly over time which is a total turn off as well.

I'm pretty sure your tat will come out nice though. You should definitely do some research. See which artist is best to do the design you want.

<3 Serena.

Jenn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I always enjoy finding Vancouver blogs too :)

I have had random thoughts of getting tattoo but I honestly can't think of anything I would want permanently drawn on my body that I WON'T get sick of in 5, 10, 20 years.. even months from now. If I were to get anything tattooed though, it would probably a word or short phrase. I love cursive written tattoos.

Some great advice I have read is to draw (in pen or thin marker) the tattoo you want on your body in the exact position/design want it. If you can stand to have that drawing on for more than a month or long period of time, then you're one step closer!! :) Good luck and let us know how it goes!

charlene-ann said...

btw, I just gave you an award on my blog =D

Amy said...

let me know what you get or plan to get. :)

i personally do not have any tattoos (i'm sure you already know this and remember my rant about them) and I dont think I will ever get any but IF i were to EVER get one, it'd have to be super super meaningful.

Logan said...

I think tattoos are great on people that like and enjoy them. Although I am a person that goes through "phases" and when I was younger wanted one sooo bad. But now that I am out of that phase of wanting one, I am happy I didn't. I'll just stick those Chanel temporary tattoos all over me if I need a fix..hehe. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting a tattoo for the last year and half or so..... but I'm not sure if I want someone on me.. FOREVER! (I guess you COULD get it removed... but what a waste.) What are you thinking of getting? I love how HOT it can look (on some people).

Go do it. I want to see! :p


Iva said...

I have one ;)

I hope you had a lovely Earth Day #40 yesterday! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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