Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Size Matters

I  desperately desire a big & sexy pout.
A sufferer of little lips...

I FAKE it.

Since I'm always on a mission to find plumping products for my deflated lips,
of course, I swiftly snatched the lip gloss that promises to transform me into a...


Product: Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss
Shade: Plum
Price: $9.99 CAD
Product Claims: Extreme formula lip plumping gloss, with scientifically-proven plumping microspheres that explode in volume up to 10x when they come in contact with water. (They’re like tiny, dehydrated little sponges that expand when you apply them onto your lips. We’ve also formulated Sexy Mother™ Pucker with a rare circulation enhancing ingredient that gives your lips a little ‘electric’ buzz, to move more blood around the area, creating the swelling effect mentioned above). 

Jessica Mai's Results:
  • Initially, what drew me to the lip gloss, was the humorous name and the retro packaging. (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging)

  • The scent of the gloss is very similar to tootsie roll candy. (Soap & Glory claim they chose the chocolate taste because studies show that chocolate is often used by women as a substitute for, uh, sexy...")

  • The formula is very thick & sticky. As a result, it has incredible staying power. The glossy shine was still clinging to my lips 4+ hours after application.

  • I have become addicted to the tingly feeling. The numbing tingle lingers so you feel like the gloss is working. (No pain... Any gloss that stings and swells your lips shouldn't be healthy)

  • Now, don't expect Angelina Jolie lips from this gloss. However, it will enhance your lips and make them naturally fuller. Any lines on my dry lips were filled out. My lips look naturally plump.

  • On my lips, the gloss accentuates my natural lip colour. Plus a lot of shine!

  • The only CON: Extremely sticky... That is all.

Picture taken 1hr+ after application.
Sorry, my camera is caput, so I had to use Photobooth. 
Hopefully, you can see the difference.



Remember folks, 
Size matters! 
So transform yourself into a Sexy Mother Pucker NAOO :)

Jessica Mai


xbbkay said...

i tried this product first to the packaging as well, and from my experience, it was awful. i hate the smell. I didn't even bother with the remaining of the product

It looks like this product really works, i can see how plump your lips look!

i wish i had thinner lips. It's strange how you always want what you don't have. i think my lips are fat enough, but def not pretty. LOL

Kym said...

bahahha.. i might buy it just for the name (and the scent) ;P

we didn't watch it in 3D but i guess we were expecting more fight scenes!! well, i've heard some people say they really liked it and others said they didn't... so its a toss up!

don't worry, you guys didn't miss much for the auto show!

e.motion in motion said...

Wahh, I have really full lips and I hate it! :( Used to get made fun of because of that (among other things) when I was younger. Sooo I avoid all plumping products like the plague! Lol! I think you have pretty lips : )

Sidney Son said...

Ahhh thanks for following and yes size matters ;) haha
I would love to make my lips look even more plump!! :)
Thanks for following. I had to do the same, your blog is great!

tessatham said...

hot lips ;)

i just picked up a really lovely colour today from mac!! you should try it jess (girl about town)


*A* said...

HAHAHA!I cracked up when I saw you used size matters to describe pouty lips.

ps: Thanks for stopping by, love :) I have just posted the awesomeness of Sydney, Part 2 (which probably gonna make you wanna fly here straightaway LOL)

Amy said...

ooo i like this product! your lips look amazing already though i think?!...you should have taken a before picture because your lips look naturally full and plump anyway. haha

For The Fierce said...

your lips look soooo sexy mama!! hahaha

I agree! I have small lips, HATE IT. Well actually my bottom lip isn't so bad, but the top lip is small, that sunds weird right? ugh I KNOW. I'm constantly on the hunt for lip plumpers, I want to buy lip fusion but that shit is like $39? hell fucking no... lol

& I love your new header! <333

Nerdic.. said...

Looks good
x fashionnerdic

Irene said...

Wow, that plumper looks like it REALLY WORKED - sexy sexy sexy!

Samantha said...

Good post except sometimes these type of products cause really bad allergic reactions and it might've over done it for you.


sexy lipz!

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