Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blame It On The BAG

Neck & shoulder pain?

-Blame it on the bag.

Its my fault though :-(
I always pack for

"Just in case/What if..."
  • I get hungry
  • I Get caught in a natural disaster
  • I Get lost
  • I Get kidnapped
  • I Get bad breath
  • I Meet{stalk} a celebrity
  • I need to glue something??
  • I get caught in a sticky situation
  • I get caught in a smelly situation
  • I wanna show my unborn child
  • I wanna return/exchange
  • ...
Trust me, the list goes on and on.
When I cleaned out my bag, this weekend, I got rid of so many
EXPIRED receipts, EXPIRED coupons, EXPIRED food, OLD movie tickets.

Now that I have purged my bag of all those unnecessary items,
I wanna share :)

What is found inside a bag says a lot about the owner.
Your bag is an extension of your personality.
I LOVE seeing what other people have hidden away in their bags.
Hope you do too!

Black leather Coach Sabrina w. gold metal
& electric purple innards...& Featuring Vancouverite Mukmuk Canada Flag Icon

The essentials :
SIGG water bottle
KORRES jasmine body butter
MAC florabundance lipglass
NIVEA Hydro care lip balm
Purell hand sanitizer
Herbacin hand cream
Batman band-aids
Assorted munchies
EXCEL bubblemint gum
Keys w. Elmo
Leather Blue flower wallet& card holder {From forgotten boutique in Roma, Italy}
Peter Pauper agenda
Bic 4 coloured pen
&Canon camera which I used to take the pic
-That is all-
...for now.
Ill gather new junk, in no time..

So, What is hiding in your bag?
Do share!

Jess Mai


6o4honey said...

yay great post jess :) we are so alike.. i always pack for what ifs!! esp my camera. and it's so heavy =( i also happen to have that exact same lippy in my bag! i shall do a post like that soon :P and yes for BB, when i get my data back (which will prob be this week) we can bbm! hehe

PetiteAsianGirl said...

haha oh man ... so much stuff! I think I'm the exact opposite ... my "everyday" bag is always unusually light. Inside I keep a wallet, cell phone, 1 tube of concealer, 1 chapstick, and maybe some ballet flats if I'm wearing high heels : )

Velire said...

oh goodness my bag has everything i can put in it and like you i end up with shoulder pain. Im also the type who brings medicine with me, band-aids, pens, safety pins, soothing balm, and whatnots :) hehehe. Thus why I love having a big bag. :) said...

oh like everything, a novel, agenda, lipbalm, lipstick, cell phone duh, camera, hairties, lighter justin case , starbucks thermos, pen, wallet, bobbypins, necklace, random receipt..

Kym said...

thanks for your compliments on my work, jess! :)

i usually have expired coupons, receipts from way back, and movie tickets but expired food?!? hahaha! okay maybe sometimes. ;P Lately i've been travelling light but on some days i get the "what if" thing going on too so i have my bottle of advil with me, camera, agenda, book, etc. ;P

and Muk muk? its all about Quatchi girl!!! haha! jk jk :)

ko0ty said...

Lol your hilarious!! At least you're always prepared. I do that too... I have soo many things in my purse for those "what if" emergencies but I don't think I EVER had to use any of it.

glitteryeyesxx said...

Damn, your purse is so freakin' pretty (can a purse be pretty? Lol, I'm saying yes here!) I want one just like that now! Is your purse heavy while you carry it? That's the WORST part about preparing and PACKING FOR EVERYTHING (haha you just like me, I literally have everything. I even pack 5 diffn't types of gum, etc etc. I don't just carry ONE thing of its kind, like, I'll have 5 lipsticks cuz I won't know what occasion I might encounter)

Oh, it's cuz my dad is not Viet. My mom is, but she grew up here in the U.S. so we don't really converse in that language. I did not learn until a few years ago when I started college, I made some friends who were nice enough to teach me. Plus, when I had worked at a retail Pharmacy, the older ppl who would come in would teach me some stuff here and there, lol. And I hate to admit it, too, but I Google A LOT OF WORDS.

Irene said...

LOL -- I love the 'meet a celebrity' emergency!!! =D

Mine is full of 1,000 pens which inevitably leak all over the place, tons of receipts, and backup maxi pads and tampons. lol.

TiffanyMonet said...

Cute bag!

Melissa said...

I am 100% with you on this one! My purse is always stupidly full and heavy.

dancinginchiffon said... your bag!

Andy said...

if you accidentally picked up my bag, you woudln't know the difference. haha everything's in there, my boyfriend always teases me on having so much stuff!


Anonymous said...

Wow you're prepared for everything!

Hmm let's see...I usually have like 3 chapsticks/lip balms, my digi cam, my wallet, my Blackberry Storm, my keys, aaaannnd...that's it. haha.

Thanks for the congrats :D And congratulations to you and your boyfriend! Valentine's Day is a great anniversary day ;)

Anonymous said...

btw, is your first name "Jessica Mai"??

Lilee▲ said...

haha i always love when bloggers do posts on "whats in their bag". i love this post and it's awesome that you pack just in case a natural disaster happens hahah

For The Fierce said...

"I need to glue something?" -lmfaooo, I feel you, I have unnecessary shit in my purse too. I think thats most girls... lol, I've got lotion, sanitizer, bunch of lip gloss/lipsticks. Pens, paper, pads, Useful & useless shit... cant think right now, although it would make a good post. lol Oh & I love your coach purse! Ive been telling myself I need to get a plain black leather purse for everyday-going to work, but I havn't gotten around to it-which is dumb I should already own that, all girls should...

nice post Jessica, till next time..


tam pham said...

i'm a pyscho about only carrying the essentials...chapstick, wallet, camera, and phone. that's all folks!

P.s. to answer your questions, yes i am vietnamese :-).

Leah said...

I can relate with the shoulder and back pains... I tend to bring my whole house inside my bag too. xoxo

Pearl Y. said...

Thanks for dropping by! I love Vancouver and the images it creates with all its varying personalities! And yes, pampering is SUPER important some times (even though I hate to admit it and rarely do it). I browsed down and saw you have some monkey gloves! I have the cat ones! Looooove them!

As for my bag, well. I have the essentials - phone, ipod, wallet, camera (so I can ALWAYS take photos), keys, flu medication and sore throat candies (JUST IN CASE!) I am quite the minimalist (Until those receipts start piling up, that is!).

Thanks again! I love Vancouverites =).

<3, pearly

Boutzie' said...

People get annoyed with me how I always have a snack bar or two in my purpose. They find it very nasty, but me I'm the same. What if I do get hungry, well I have some food in my purpose. Plus, you gotta have your daily hand cream to keep hands smooth and silky.

anhesty said...

loving your blog! thanks for stopping by and come back again!!! i am saving you in my blog roll! happy anniversay to you and the bf! chuc mung nam moi as well! i want to visit vancouver one of these days! its on my MUST SEE list.

MizzJ said...

Lol I love these type of posts!! It's so gratifying to know you're not the only one out there that carries everything in their bags. Ooh here's something you should add to your bag: a Tide-to-go pen, those babies work miracles!

bananas. said...

loving the bag! any neck or shoulder pain is TOTALLY worth it.

my bag is filled with crap. no really it is...i actually don't know what's in it anymore. there is mase. that i know.

Erin said...

snacks! i only ever carry snacks when i know i'm going to starve. if i'm hungry otherwise, it's an excuse to get a crepe, or whatever. haha.

and bao bei just opened recently. there isn't a whole lot of buzz yet, mostly industry.

giang said...

gushes* I have the same bag! loves it!!! and it's always good to be prepare... :) thanks for dropping by, doll!

cupcup said...

Gorgeous bag! Vancouver is my favorite city btw!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OH yeah, I get what you mean!! I used to be EXACTLY the same. I'd have like anything possibly necessary if any one asked me for stuff. LOL
I've now lightened my load to usually just a few things. Phone, keys, camera, wallet, chapstick, a lippie, gum, and I think that may be it. lol

Dream ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Nice bag. and those stuffs...great!

Dandelily said...

I have a whole bunch of crap in my bag that I keep. I keep losing my keys in there ... and my office key card.

It really is embarrassing when everyone waits for you in the elevator while you rummage through your trash bag for your key card.

Claudia said...

Wow you're agenda is so beautiful!

I'm such a princess about my bag, I hate carrying anything heavy and I get back/shoulder pains so easily! So mostof the time it's just my wallet/keys/cellphone. LOL i swear I'm a boy!! i'm so bad, you can't even find lip balm on me, so I just borrow from the bf HAHA :)

Katie Ngo said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! :) i love Vietnam too. I've been there, haave you ?! Yeah the food is the best thing. People that haven't gone there should definitely go experience around esp the food! Hehe, thanks for stopping by once again. (:

Anonymous said...

Love this post .... :) the world is in my bag too I take everything !! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I luv urs too xo mw

sunniipinky said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for following my blog after just ONE intro post, keke. I decided to come over and check out yours, turns out we're both big bag ladies! Hahaha!

Well, I used to be a couple years back, but like you mentioned, it was just a hassle to drag around and it hurts my shoulder...not to mention I hit things when I'm shopping. >___> So now I stick with little cute bags like those flat Coach bags or an 8 incher or something...& I feel those babies up till they're not even the shape they're suppose to be (I cheaped up Coach bags D:) I also have a Chanel quilted purse, it was my mom's and I snatched it, bwuhaha. So what I've managed to stick in there is:

Eyeko fat balm
Chocolate mirror (it looks like a large piece of choco, so cute!)
Oil blotting sheets
Cell phone
Wallet (this huge thing, I have coupons, pictures, receipts, LOADS of cards in it D: It's going to burst soon)
Camera (maybe on special occasions, but usually not)

Yes, all of that, I ATTEMPT to stuff in a small bag...can't say it works too well though, hehe.

Look forward to your future posts, & I want to compliment on your creative blog name! ^___^

The Petite Blogger said...

Im totally loving that coach bag!!!!! and uve got so much stuff! i usually just travel with wallet, phone and keys!

xoxo jenna

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ohh i love posts like this! i am such a packrat when it comes to my bag. i have to have a million pens and pencils, chapstick and hand lotion, my calendar, and about a dozen books.

Kym said...

i totally feel you on the inter-racial thing. i'm filipino and my bf is chinese (i know it doesn't sound like much of a difference) but they are the fil-chi's that don't like filipinos :( in the beginning it was really hard because i wasn't 100% accepted because of my race but i chose to stick it out, continue to show them that i love them inspite of that and that i love their son... now, 3 years later, they are the ones telling us to get married already! haha! love pays off, definitely :)

sophia said...

OMg I love your purse!

You must post up pics once you finish your deco-den! ^_^

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