Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Things

Living in a fast pace society, we often forget to slow down to treasure and enjoy what we have.

Its no secret that I LOOVE shoes, bags, makeup, clothes & so on...
I is {shamelessly} materialistic

But, often times, its the little things that bring me the MOST
excitement and happiness.

Little things like these:

When my 5 yr old baby brother kisses me after I have read him his bedtime story, and whispers,
"Jessie, your my favour-wit fwend"= Jessie, you are my favourite friend
eek! {My cold, little, black heart melts}

When I make eye contact with a stranger, and we exchange smiles.
Its amazing how good it feels to receive a sincere smile. It brightens up my day.
Smiles are much better than scowls, so wear one. :) :)

The comfort & warmth of my boyfriend's hugs. I could be in the worst of moods, crying floods of tears, but once I'm held tight in his arms, I feel safe, calm and comforted.

Life is too good, remember to cherish the little things.

Have a great weekend!
Big X & O

Comment me what little things bring happiness & excitement to you?
Comments also make me excited & happy too!

-Jess Mai


For The Fierce said...

one of my brothers is 4, he's cute but evil... lol it makes me happy when I wake up & receive cute texts from my bf.

have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

aw, what a sweet post!

things for me would be:
1. wake up calls from the boyfriend ;]

2. being able to take great pics of nature like sunrises and sunsets

3. chocolate indulgences

4. late night coffee trips with my best friend


nana said...

I adore mac shadows :-)
which one is your fav?
thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog

ko0ty said...

Yess I think we all have to slow down sometimes and just appreciate the little things around us. :)

Anna Jane said...

Lovely post. :) I think this is so important to remember, especially for us fashion bloggers who can easily get caught up in the materialistic side of life.

- Anna Jane xxx

Labels And Love said...

Aww thank you hunny & I agree with the quote: life it too good, remember to cherish the little things !!!!!!!

Kym said...

It truly is the little things that count! <3 they are my favour-wit moments! hehe!

p.s - glad you liked my choco v's ;P i'm not sure that they can be purchased in stores but i do know that they are made by rocky mountain chocolate! have you guys got that there?

Kym said...

okay erase, erase.. i just realized you live in vancouver too! hahaha! in that case.. you DO have rock mountaineer and i got the choco v's from UBC! they sell them every year for valentines day fundraiser! ;)

Velire said...

i totally agree that its the little things that truly do make us happy, we just have to stop and well notice them :)

such a lovely post mai. :) i love it too when my siblings hug me and when a sincere smile is shared and the hugs from a love one. :)

6o4honey said...

hey jess! cute post :) k i shouldn't be commenting at this hour.. but whatevs i can't sleep :( i love moments like those! i so appreciate them even more when they occur now because sometimes they hardly come by. i'd say for me it'd be nature.. at it's best. just appreciating the sunsets/sunrises, or for instance.. when i travel to the islands (tofino, sunshine coast etc), i stay in an area where i am completely surrounded by nature and away from everything else, and spend the nights just gazing at the stars, over hot chocolate. my friends find me silly that i am so fascinated by the massive amount of stars away from the city -.-.. oh and definitely when my baby cousins give me hugs & kisses :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Aww your post is so cute. It brought a smile to my face. Hehe, what makes me happy? Hmm, the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer day. The dampness in the atmosphere RIGHT before it's about to rain. Oh and a good sale at the mall! Haha :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

SO cute! I love this post : ) I have a 5 year old baby brother too ...what a coincidence! I only get to see him 1 or 2x a year, which is sad because I just love him to death. Your post reminded me of him and put a smile on my face.

Leah said...

Little things can mean a lot... I always appreciate the small stuff. I have a journal filled with items that makes me happy and I tell you, there are a lot. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love this cute post!! And I'm materalistic too but I also adore little sweet gestures more...I heart u ur blog is now my new fav xo mw

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