Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks: Most Loved Cosmetics

I am a self-proclaimed night owl and a self-diagnosed insomniac.
For this reason, I am "faced" with the consequences!
[pun intended] HA!:)
Yes. My panda-eyed face bears the evidence of many sleepless nights reading blogs.
So, in order to appear alive & awake when I leave the house, I depend on a few cosmetic items to ensure that I look semi-

"A little goes a long way"
My goal, when applying makeup, is to enhance my features, not to mask my face. For everyday, I like to keep my makeup light and natural.

Ta-Da! Here they be. The miracle workers that keep me looking alive

This is just a brief review on my most cosmetics:

1) I have been using Cetaphil moisturizer for years! Loved it 5 years ago, love it even more today. All I need is 1 pump of this light, non-greasy, and sun-safe(SPF15) moisturizer to hydrate my entire face. (I know moisturizer is skincare, but it was in my beauty bag so..)

2) I recently purchased the MAKE UP FOREVER primer, hence the small trial tube, and I'm happy so far. My skin is quite sensitive, & It hasn't broken me out. I apply a pea-size all over my face to smooth the skin surface and help my makeup last longer. The smell sorta bothers me, but it fades soon after application (I am extremely sensitive to smell, & dont like applying scented products on my face).

3) MAKE UP FOREVER HD foundation is the first liquid foundation I've used. Before this, I was always afraid that liquid foundation would make me look cake-faced. However, I'm loving MUFE HD foundation because it provides me with flawless coverage, while feeling light and looking natural. Just 1 pump of the foundation lets me skip concealer because it has perfectly concealed all my minor redness & imperfections. Also, since there is such a wide range of shades, I easily found the one that blends seamlessly into my skin. woo!

4) UH-MAZ-ING! Since I have combo-oily skin, the MAC MSF natural does a super job of keeping my face matte, with one light sweep, throughout the day.

5) MAC BLUSHBABY blusher is the perfect natural matte colour for my skintone. Although the colour appears to be muddy, dark and boring in the pan, do not be fooled. On the cheeks, it becomes a natural pink with a touch of mauve that gives my face the perfect rosy flush.


6) URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION alters your life! Well, it changed mine. Before using UDPP, I always thought my lids couldn't wear shadows, because the colour always creased & never lasted. Eye primer proved me wrong. Now, my lids love shadows, thanks to UDPP. Eye primer is the bond between your relationship with eyeshadows. ♥ LITERALLY!

7) MAC All That Glitters is a well-known & well-loved eyeshadow, for obvious reasons. It works on all skin tones perfectly. The [lovely, shimmery, peachy, gold-toned] shadow can be worn alone or paired up with other colours.

8) MAC BLACK TRACK FLUIDLINE eyeliner makes for a perfect cat-eye. It goes on extremely smooth and the colour is so dark & pigmented, it makes the eyes pop!

9) FAVOURITE MASCARA! & Score, Its from drugstore! COVER GIRL LASHBLAST separates and lengthens lashes (even my wee asian ones), at a great value, and the vibrant orange packaging is just a bonus.

Thanks to these guys, I can stay up & read Blogs as late as I wanna.

-Jess Mai
(If you have any questions or want more info on any of the products,
comment me! This is just a brief review.)


6o4honey said...

i LOVE the MSF powder!!! it does wonders :) my favorite powder so far. a little definitely goes a long way.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

hmm! I need to try # 1. I currently use mineral foundation because my liquid (some MAC foundation, forget the name) came out too cakey and took so long to apply. Thanks for sharing!

nana said...

love many of the products you mentioned!!

For The Fierce said...

Thanx to this post I'm thinking about purchasing some MUF liquid foundation! MAC's msf & fluidline are my current favorites as well, the fluidline runs smooth & theres so much in a small jar it could last me a while. I've heard about cetaphil, not so sure I wanna try it 'cause I'm stuck on acne-prone products but ehh never know.


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

I love reading these kinds of posts! I like some of these same products too like the MAC Fluid Line and CG Lashblast mascara as well as the MAC MSF Natural. Great picks! :D xx

TiffanyMonet said...

I need to try Cetaphil moisturizer and urban decays primer potion..Thanks for the

Anonymous said...

love this post!

MizzJ said...

I have heard MUF products are amazing, I'll have to try one next time I'm hunting for makeup, thanks! Hehe yes I totally agree with you on LashBlast, it's the best bang for your buck.

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